Its time to prepare for your Ski Trip !!

Everybody who has ever spent more than 30 minutes in a room with me quickly understands that besides from Yoga my true passion is skiing & snowboarding. With loving enthusiasm I start to prepare my clients for their winter season in November. Even if they do not ski they also benefit from having a stronger core, better balance & firmer thighs.
It is a mistake to begin your ski preparation just 2 weeks before your trip starts. The time is now!
Skiing & most winter sports are physically demanding. It is a test of strength, endurance, flexibility & balance. Your body should be ready to handle the added pressure put upon it firstly so as to avoid injury & secondly so that you enjoy your time on the mountain to the max.
Another great way to prepare for the snow season is to watch ‘ Les Bronze Font des Ski’ Maybe you Expats out there may have not seen this film it is a pure French gem from the early 1980’s. The casting is a who’s who of French comedy. Ok it is cheesy but that very cheese actually gives the film its 80’s french charm !

We are about half way through our Step & Dance 1980’s trimester @ The Centre de Danse Alesia. Please note that the Wednesday classes are now full for 5 or so weeks. However there is still lots of space in the Sunday class.

Step & Dance is a fun, fat burning, muscle toning combination between Dance & Fitness. All the movements are low impact & respect the body but are tough on those extra kilos that you may have. The choreography is easy to follow & thanks to the Step being adaptable in height every fitness level is catered for. Now is the moment to get a stronger body – whether you ski or not !
Melanie is a Yoga , Fitness & Dance teacher in Paris. You can find out more about her classes & find things to do in Paris at her 2 sites &

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