French 80’s Music

Growing up in England I had more than my share of 80’s bad taste. Lets be honest the 80’s did have an extraordinary lack of fashion sense. The BIG hair, the outlandish clothes & the ever so tight jeans & I am just thinking about the men! Sorry Dad , but looking at those old photos, you now seem so normal. Maybe this is why, we actually do love the 80’s so much. Things were so abnormal & so down right silly.
Please note this is a photo of
Polnareff & not my Dad, although the resemblance is striking.
After being an Expat in France now for almost a decade I can say that I have had a pretty decent education in the French 80’s culture.
The ground breaking music of Jean Michel Jarre is the 1st artist that springs to mind. Daniel Belavoine
, Etienne Daho, Axel Bauer, Myléne Farmer, Telephone, Michel Polnareff the round up of French 80’s talent is impressive. We are around midway through the Step & Dance 1980’s trimester @ The centre de Danse d’Alesia 75014.
The Wednesday night class is now full for a few weeks however there is still space in the Sunday class.

We are having a blast grooving to the best of the French, English & American 80’s music. You are more than welcome to come on over & join in the fun. The movements are easy to follow & so 80’s !!
Find the class info here
We now also has a new site for Children, Teens & Families.
Here is a good old cheesy French 80’s song that we play in our house whilst we get ready for the day.

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