Retro Music in Paris

It was with a sigh of 80’s nostalgia when I learnt that Sony is ending its production of their ground breaking Walkman.
I remember my 1st Sony Walkman. Secretly listening to music in my bed whilst I should have been sleeping ( I was still in school )back in the 80’s.
I remember the proud feeling I had of being a part of the new high tech generation. Feeling so cool.
How liberating it was to be in a crowd & have the possibility to escape into my own musical world. Just imagine, being able to listen to your music where ever you where!

Of course who actually chooses to buy a cassette player now when the modern world is MP3ing & MP4ing ? We have come so far from the days when I remember lovingly carrying my cassettes around in a tupperware box. I spent hours listening to the radio waiting for a good song to come on so that I could record it.
Do you also remember how romantic it was receiving recorded tapes for Valentines day presents during your teenage years?
Do you still have some cassettes tucked away somewhere?
Guess it is time to dust them off & take a trip down memory lane. Mind you, I don’t have a cassette player now ! Thinking about it, I don’t even know what happened to my Walkman.
Seems to me that ebay will be very busy selling these now collector items to all those cool retro folk out there wanting to hold onto all those good times.

As I am still high tech here are my 2 websites &

It just so happens that I am teaching a 1980’s Step & Dance class this trimester , so if you are in Paris – France head on over to join in on the fun.

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