Nature in Paris

Christmas is just around the corner. If you do exchange gifts please note that the Organic Expo ‘Vivez Nature’ is a great place to buy ecological & worth while presents. This is the expo for those of you who are fans of testing food & interested in all things organic. The expo is a fun & an educational outing for the Family. There are lots of products to taste, smell & test. My 4 year old had tons of fun exploring the many booths. I gave her 10 euros to spend on food that she had not eaten before. She really enjoyed the responsibility of preparing the meal that we ate that night once we returned home. Although I must admit that I don’t really enjoy shopping, we did buy quite a lot of products that you just can’t find in most other places. My friend Astrid bought lots of exotically fragranced soaps. I bought a MoonCup which completely revolutionised the way I treat my femininity (but that is another article) it was a very productive day out.
Do try to get there early if you want to avoid the crowds. We found that after lunch it became a little too busy. We got there very early & had many leisurely conversations with the owners of the organic farms & sales teams. We even got invited to a stay in a camp ground on an organic hemp farm, but that is another article ! That evening we ate like kings. I cooked a delicious pumpkin pasta dish topped with roasted hemp seeds. My daughter baked a organic date & honey tarte.

The expo is child friendly with workshops for the kids about the environment & recycling. There is a section dedicated to babies with even a breast feeding section. There are also many different conferences ranging from lectures on preventing Hair loss to discussions about farming Angora mohair. Maybe I will see you “ thair“.
If you visit the website it is possible to print out
free tickets.

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