Step & Danse – Back to the 80’s

This tongue in cheek trimester brings us back to the glory days of exercise. The 1980’s. When the Fitness craze had us all excitedly squeezing in to garishly bright lycra leotards and sporting legwarmers with matching head bands. The lastest music was synthesized pop and the energy in the dance studios was heart pounding. Gyms were springing up everywhere. They were full of eager bodies all of them wanting to be ‘Perfect’ (‘Perfect’ the cult film about an journalist and Aerobics teacher starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis)

Everybody was ‘Going for the burn’, ‘ Pumping up’, ‘Slimming down ,’ ‘Cutting up, ‘ and ‘WORKING OUT’
I began teaching Exercise to music in 1988 for the YMCA. Over 2 decades later well alot has changed. We now have a deeper understanding and respect for the body and its limits. Repetitive jumping ,High Impact and Contre Indicative movements are now a thing of the past, in my classes ,at least! Since the 1980’s the baby boomers have aged and the Fitness Industry followed suite by becoming more holistic . We all evolved , along with our chorégraphy and fashion sense. We even replaced our beloved collection of cassettes with CD’s and Mp3’s !
I don’t know yet if I will be showing up for class this trimester dressed in a tight Lycra leotard but thankfully after all these years of Fitness I still could if I wanted to.

I introduced the Step into my Dance classes back in the 1990’s to maximise the fat burning effects of the sessions. It was so effective and such a fun hybrid that I have kept teaching it . The Step is used to increase the effort which enables the tempo of the music to be slower than a typical Zumba or Aerobics class . As the Step & Dance classes are mainly low impact it is therefore also safer for the articulations than most other forms of Cardio training whilst ensuring that the body is in its Fat burning zone..
So come on are you ready to enjoy this physical and amusingly retro trimester.
Olivia Newton John Lets Get Physical

Step & Danse style 1980’s

Wednesdays @ 20h
Sundays @ 17h30
Centre de Danse d’Alesia
119 Av. du General Leclerc 75014

From Septembre.

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