The beautiful uplifting Teacher Julia Muller spent the weekend in Paris sharing her wisdom on how to do Handstands. Her workshop was loving, simple & very precise. It was perfect.
Julia’s workshop gave many tips on body position & detailed the important Yogic connection between the Mind the Body & the Spirit.
The 2 days was filled with tender moments between Julia & her students. There were so many kind and wonderful people in her class. I could not think of a better place to be for the weekend than at the brand new Yoga Studio Keller.
Paris is infact a city full of many small villages a communities. Our Yoga community is also quite small yet it is surprisingly full of many talented & wonderful teachers & Yoga fans. I felt blessed to be amongst them.
Ahh the Handstand. I have spent years struggling with this tricky posture. I almost had it just before I became pregnant, almost !
2 years later I felt grounded enough to begin trying it again. Once again I began to incorporate a 3 daily attempt of balancing on my hands into my Yoga practice. Alas, to no avail.
I just could not stay up longer than a few seconds. That is until Julia came along. She spoke of fingers, elbows , forearms, ribs,buttocks, inner thigh, feet, stomach muscles, stomach muscles stomach muscles & stomach muscles !!!
I left the workshop happy & not aching as much as I thought I would. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed on holding the Handstand for longer than a few seconds, but that was fine. I had enjoyed my time during the weekend & I had learnt alot.
Well the morning after the workshop I once again went through my daily ritual of trying to balance on my hands. Imagine my surprise & joy when without any effort what so ever – I did it!!!! I actually held the perfect Handstand for a few minutes. The only reason why I lost my balance was because I was too excited, overwhelmed & amazed!!!

Thankyou Julia, Helen, The AcroYoga Family, Carey, Phillip, Sara & all the other gentle Yogini’s from the workshop for such a tender moment.

If there was just one message that I would like to express, it is this. Yoga is not about performing circus like poses or placing the body into pretzel like positions. It is about learning how to be more conscious of oneself & of our surroundings. The world is still the same whether you are lying on your back, kneeling or upside down, but I am certain that one thing does change with a regular Yoga practice. That change is from within. Whilst working on harmonizing our bodies we also connect with a greater energy.
Understanding ourselves actually helps us unify with everything. We unify with our emotions, with our spirit, with you, with them & with ALL.
We are one.
This photo was taken the morning of the workshop of Julia infront of the most famous grounded French monument.
If you want to keep up with more cool things going on in Paris you can visit www.YogaFitness.fr I also have a new site www.YogaEnfants.com which will cater to children & Families here in Paris.
Kind Thoughts Melanie
P.S It feels AMAZING being able to stand on your hands , you should try it !!!

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