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It has been 9 years now since I arrived in Paris. I had been a British Expat in America before moving to France for about the same amount of time. There are many differences between my 2 Expat experiences . Of course it took a lot longer to make friends and to feel at home here in Paris as I did not speak French when I arrived . It took longer than I would care to mention to figure out how to pronounce even the simplest of street names and Metro stations. Where as it took just a few months to feel at home in the US of A. Bagel in one hand and the New York subway map in the other.
Even after so many years in France I am still a tad nervous when I go to the hairdressers espeacially when the scissors come out and I just hope that I correctly expressed myself. My French is pretty good now to say that I somehow never ‘had the time’ to go to a language school & study.
Who in their right mind would want to suffer for hours, learning all that grammar when there is so much more FUN Things to do in Paris ?’
If only those French language books where as interesting as reading the menus in the Cafés and the Restaurants I would have a degree in French literature by now and not a few extra cute kilos !!!!
I teach Yoga Fitness Step & Dance in Paris. I first decided to write this blog so that my French clients could understand me better. I have been teaching all my classes in French now for 8 years yet I thought that this (French) blog would help to bring us even closer together . That it would put us all on the same page ! I had the intention to write a new article each week in French so that I could fully express myself. It took me a few days to sadly realise that no matter how hard I tried , it is just easier to communicate in English. I began to post more and more in my own language. (Note to myself- POST this article in French Melanie)
Well it’s been a few months now that my French/English blog has been out there online. The more I write in French the more I improve yet the more I truely prefer to keep to my own tongue. I have even begun to ask myself the question
‘Has speaking French for so long actually diminished my ability to speak in my native language? ‘
So I came to the conclusion that I will now teach some of my classes in English. I am sure that my French clients will enjoy exercising their language skills at the same time as they exercise their bodies and maybe I will get lucky & have a few Expats in my classes. As a teacher it is normal to have to repeat oneselves so I will make the classes in both French & English . This way everybody gets to learn their Left from their Right & leur Gauche de leur Droite. I shall call the classes ‘Gymglish’.
If you are an Expat in Paris & you want to workout in French &/ or English, well here are the details of my classes.
I do love living in Paris. The French are friendly if you give them a chance. Most of them do speak English which is wonderful until you realise that they would rather practice their English than have to patiently wait while trying to understand what you are saying in your terrible foreign accent.
Enjoy your time here in France whether you are here just for a short period of time or you are here for good. I will try to keep up to date on the ‘Fun Things to do in Paris’ and share my insiders tips. I hope that you also find my blog useful.
As Madonna said ” Express yourself don’t repress yourself”
A Bientot …….

I am a qualified Yoga & Fitness Instructor here in Paris. I am available for Personal Training in small or large groups at Home, in The Garden , & in a Private Dance Studio. I am also a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor for Babies , Children, Teens & Families. You can find out more about these classes with the website www.YogaEnfants.com

If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in a Group Class or Contact me. You can also become my friend on Facebook & even join my Page YogaFitness.fr

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