Body Coaching in Paris

‘Body Coaching’ is a Fitness program that is available for group classes & for Private Coaching. The focus is on getting into better shape , staying fit, improving muscle tone, coordination and endurance. A typical class will globally work the entire body yet each Fitness session will focus on certain muscle groupes. Examples of such classes are ” Hips, Tums & Bums”, “Chest, Wings & Thighs”, ” Sexy Back & Stomach” ” Fat Burning” etc ….

Body Coaching intelligently incorparates elements of Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Dance to form a Fitness program that is effective, safe and pleasurable to do.

Depending on which class you choose a few simple Dance mouvements are placed into the first section of the session to both warm up the body & to burn extra calories. We use this time to have fun, release stress, enjoy the music and to let go. The group classes are open to all levels as the movements are fluid and easy to follow and the exercises are progressive and adapted to the physical abilities of each individual.

” We have so much fun with Melanie that sometimes I forget that I am working out, but the proof that I am exercising is that I now fit into my old jeans “

Pleasure is an essential ingredient to an effective Fitness program, this is why the musical styles and ambiance changes for every trimester. Here are a few examples of the variety of styles of Body Coaching classes and trimesters ;

Body Coaching style ‘Burlesque’

Body Coaching & Danse style ‘Jazz’

Body Coaching style ‘Dance Oriental’

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor here in Paris. I am available for Personal Training in small or large groups at Home, in The Garden , & in a Private Dance Studio.

If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in a Group Class or Contact me. You can also become my friend on Facebook & even join my Page

For you expats or those of you who want to improve your foreign language skills the classes of Body Coaching are in English and in French.


Body Coaching @ 9H30 ( 45 minutes)

École de Danse Dominique et Janine Solane

1 rue de la Grande Chaumiere



Please bring a towel .

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