Melt your Heart Blow your mind World Tour in Paris the 4th of July

What Jerry Garcia was to music, John Friend is to Yoga. He comes across as that enlightened surfer dude you wished you had befriended . The workshop that I have just finished in Paris was my first time with John . I have never giggled so much on my Yoga mat. John is quite simply a one man show in Spandex®.
For all those searching for a modern day Rock n Roll Guru I would say that he fits the bill (& Ted). He is an an auspicious dude. I look forward to our next adventure together. What I gathered from the 2 day event was the need for us all to unite to make our communities and world a more caring and joyous place.
Infact thinking about it, there are many similarities with the Anusara Tour and those of The Grateful Dead Shows. This Amercain Yogi also grooved me and at the end of our Yoga session as with the Dead shows I walked home with more love and freedom in my heart. Both the Yoga and the Dead concerts did actually melt my heart and blow my mind.
I had experienced that very same feeling many years ago after my first Grateful Dead concert. I had spent my time with kind peaceful people, my body was shaking and I was HIGH.
Only this time around I was high just from shakti 😉

Be excellent to each other. Quote from Bill S.Preson, Esq.

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