Summertime – Get out and play !

One of my summertime Parisian delights is to visit the Parc Floral during the Jazz Festival. Every weekend from the 6th of June to the 26th of July there are free concerts. The festival offers a wide range of musical styles ranging from Classical to Soul . Visit their site and selection the group that fits your musical prefrences or just go there with a sense of musical curiosity. The concert area is surrounded by grass, making it possible to enjoy the music from afar whilst having a picnic. Chic.
Being a child at heart I always look forward to walking (playing) around the parks 35 beautiful hectares. The highlight of my day is climbing on its (adult size) spider’s web. The climbing frame is giantesque and not really made for the faint-hearted or children in my opinion. Climbing up to its vertigionous summit is a feat in itself, not to mention making it safely back to the ground.
It’s there that I get to truely appreaciate the accute sense of balance that I have aquired from practicing Yoga. It’s such a pleasure to be able to freely swing and play with the assurance that my body is strong and coordinated thanks to the many Dance & Fitness classes that I have chalked up along the year. The ropes that make the web are not static, they move and require you be in the present moment, especially if there are other climbers on the web with you!
It can be challenging, courage and flexibilty are needed to gracefully play.
The Parc Floral is a great day out for the sportive, for the music fan, for nature lovers and for the kids. Its open everyday , the concerts are free making the park’s entrance fee more than reasonable at 5 euros, it is free for children under 7 . During the weekends at peak times the wait can be long to get in, try accessing the park through its other entrance , usually there are no lines there.
If you see me there please say “hello” unless I’m taking a nap under a tree 😉
Ahhhhh Summertime.


The Park is open from 9h30- 20h.
-Esplanade Saint Louis in front of the Château de Vincennes – Bois de Vincennes.
The other entrance -Avenue de la Pyramide.

Rer A Vincennes / Métro Château de Vincennes (ligne 1)
Bus ligne N°112.

Parc Floral
Route du Champ de Manoeuvre
75012 Paris

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