Support yourself ;)

Ladies, you need to support your breasts correctly when exercising , the more impact you produce the stronger your bra should be.
It is not necessary to wear a sports bra during the classes of Yoga or Tonification as they both produce little if any shock .
However for most physical activities you need to protect your skin and chest ligaments from potential damage .
Most sports shops have a wide range of sports bras, that contrary to most normal bras are structured to give extra support and reduce breast movement..
Its also very important to find the correct size, take the time to try on a few different models to find the perfect one for you. Don’t forget to bounce around while testing the bra . Are you supported? The goal is to minimize breast movement while still being comfortable.
I am not a fan of activities that produce lots of impact and unnecessary stress on the body. All the classes that I teach are designed to produce the minimum of impact .
Even the class of Step & Danse are based on LIA moves , which stands for Low Impact Aerobics. Classes that have repetitive jumping, hopping, skipping, jogging etc increase the risk of injuries such as knee problems, bad back and sagging breasts. When participating in any Fitness program that envolves these forms of High impact moves a sturdy bra and a pair of good
sports shoes with plenty of cushioning is advised.
Please note that the Yoga and Tonification classes are done barefoot or in socks. For the Dance Exercise and Step & Dance classes you will need to wear sports/danse shoes. If you need help deciding what equipment you will need when beginning a health program it usually is helpful to ask the teacher/coach for advise.

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